Don’t let life
just happen to you

A guide to help you find and keep
living your best life

Build sustained

All the various theories on happiness come to the same conclusion: long-term, sustained happiness requires a balanced life, filled with purpose and meaning.

We work to support a balanced life—one built on these three crucial pillars.


Inspired by the Japanese concept Ikigai
a reason for being


We encourage you to stop, to
reflect and take action towards your
own best life

+Global awareness

We put the world in your hand so you
can learn from it, put your life in
perspective, and give back to the greater good

Traveling humanely is our ideal bridge between self and global-awareness


“WE'VE ALL SEEN INSTAGRAM photos of someone drinking a mimosa at Sunday brunch, with the caption, "Living my best life." But this company is taking that phrase to a new level.”

"...a pionner project focused on personal and humanitarian development...""

What would it be like to grow as a person
while traveling the world?


How it works

Join a global community of
authentic people

Thank you guys! Can’t wait to share this journey with all you beautiful community members through the stories I will tell together with @itsartes and the rest of the increíble and diverse crew! many of you may not have been selected but we are in this transformation process together nonetheless - You will vicariously live though us and we will represent your values and energy! One love 🧡🦋🙏🙌 ”

Jigar Ganatra, tanzania

6-month Life-Changing Program 2020


Bronwyn de Lange, south africa

6-month Life-Changing Program 2020

“Just WOW! Surreal, humbled, grateful and SO excited to start this journey with my fellow humanizes and share it with the rest of the community 2020 here we come!”

Artes Ferruni, ALBANIA

6-month Life-Changing Program 2020

I want to go and see. Traveling gives you a set of skills like sociology, geography, history, trouble-shooting that you can not learn in a class. You have to learn it hands-on.

Lorenzo Barcarolo, italy

6-month Life-Changing Program 2020

Never thought that I would be selected for this. Started it thinking let me me see where I stand in all of this. All the phases and I had to actually come out of my comfort zone making all those videos. And now that I'm selected it's just unbelievable. Thank you #ybl 😍😘”

Manasi Sangave, india

6-month Life-Changing Program 2020

I fell in love with traveling, meeting other people and trying to understand their opinions and their point of view.

Peter Kyle, USA

6-month Life-Changing Program 2020

Wow thank you ALL! Still feels like a dream 😭🙈🧡We look forward to the life-transforming 6 months! We are all amazing in our special ways! 💪 Keep shining and winning 🧡 Thank you YourBestLife! 🙏

Wadi Ben-Hirki, nigeria

6-month Life-Changing Program 2020

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YourBestLife is, at heart,
a movement for a more humane world

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