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YourBestLife platform

OPPORTUNITIES TO Travel the World. For free

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to humanely explore the world.

Report on your personality

Improve your self-knowledge through a professionally assembled profile of your personality.

Attend inspiring Webinars

and get your burning travel and entrepreneurship questions answered by world-class speakers.

Travel more affordably

with valuable perks and discounts on travel and technology.

Contribute to Social Impact organizations

Follow their impact and help them achieve their mission.

Connect with like-minded individuals

Meet new people, discuss ideas and solutions, and ask for travel tips on the platform.

Empowering you to find and live your best life

How do we do that?

By helping members develop three major pillars:

BELONGING - Enhancing deep human connections

LIFE CAREER - Finding what you love and feeling accomplished with your work

SOCIAL IMPACT - Giving back to the World

Inspired by the Japanese concept Ikigai
a reason for being


“WE'VE ALL SEEN INSTAGRAM photos of someone drinking a mimosa at Sunday brunch, with the caption, "Living my best life." But this company is taking that phrase to a new level.”

"...a pionner project focused on personal and humanitarian development...""

How it works

Register and join the Community

Enter the selection process for each Program

Use our tools to improve your personal and professional life

Connect and engage with other members

Live adventures around the world

Claim your valuable perks

All trip-expenses covered Programs available


To get a unique ID to access the platform and be part of the community, members pay an one-time registration fee valid for one year—this fee includes a $1.50 contribution to social purpose organizations.


what they say about us

“There are incredible changers collaborating every day to solve some of the toughest challenges and problems around the world... but it still not enough”

Maria Ferreira da Silva, Co-Founder at

"They went with an open heart and open mind to really discover India and Indians. And when I look at the news on television and read the newspapers, I just wish there were more people doing what they are doing - bringing our people together, bringing the world closer"

Mrs. K. Nandini Singla

Ambassador of India to Portugal
"Excerpts from the Ambassador's speech at the inauguration of the Human Eyes exposition of paintings, photography and video based on travels to India"
May 5, 2018, Rua da Conceição, 134, Chiado.

“This type of experience is highly valued by companies"

Nuno Troni, Director Professional Human Consulting & Outplacement at

Randstad Portugal

Social Impact

YourBestLife is, at heart, a movement for a more humane world.

We work to achieve this goal by:

Selecting inspiring Social Impact organizations

Raising donations

Working on the field with partner organizations

Organizing direct financial distribution of funds

Telling our partners’ stories and boost their Social Impact

Our story

We believe that travel can make you a better human being.

So we’re using travel as a tool, and the globe as a teacher.

We have been blessed to travel the world and absorb valuable lessons that have helped us find our best life. Now we want to give the same opportunities to other people.

Learn more about our story

We designed a rigorous selection process to select the members for each Program, in collaboration with Randstad Services in Portugal, an independent Human Resources company.


  • What is YourBestLife?
    YourBestLife is an unconventional educational organization dedicated to creating a movement of globally minded people to humanize the world, helping them to find and live their best life.
    Our mission is to give the tools and information to empower each individual to find and live their own best life.
    So, we built the world’s first platform to gather tools, knowledge, benefits, all-expenses paid opportunities to travel the world and connect globally minded individuals.
  • Can I access YourBestLife Community?
    Sure! Everyone from everywhere in the world can become a member.
    To get a unique ID to access the platform and be part of the community, members pay a one-time registration fee valid for one year—this fee includes a $1.50 contribution to social purpose organizations.
  • What’s in it for me as a YourBestLife Community Member?
    In the Community App you get access to your personal area to connect and engage with like-minded people who are already part of this movement. Moreover, you access:
    - The application for the current programs we are announcing and other we announce for the period your membership is valid. For now, that includes the 6-month Life-Changing Program | 2nd Edition and the 3-week Azores Summer Adventure Course.
    - A detailed Report on your personality: Tailored Personality Report to discover and improve yourself via deep, reflective questions.
    - Make a difference by contributing the $1.5 to social impact organizations. Moreover, you will get to know their inspiring stories, and you will be part of the decision-making process to determine how the money will be given to the selected organizations.
    - The Webinar Series and its special exclusive content that is intended to share powerful ideas and knowledge from experienced and dedicated people.
    - Valuable Perks from our partners to make travel more affordable with YourBestLife Partners’ Perks. For now, that includes a $20 discount on travel insurance from IATI Seguros, $60 off your next flight (US residents only), exclusive discounts on online courses with Udemy, and many more coming soon!

    By becoming a member of our global Community you will empower this movement of Humanizers that is on a mission to humanize and bring the World closer together, raising awareness for the challenges that our World faces and leave it a better place, step by step, action by action.

Any other questions? Check FAQs & Support

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this global movement of Humanizers