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Our statement
The phrase “live your best life” gets thrown around a lot these days. For us, though, YourBestLife means so much more than photos or kale smoothies.
No matter what you're like or what you care about, if you really are living your best life, you're living authentically, experiencing the wonderful variety and diversity of life. For us, “your best life” means a balanced existence: feeling accomplished at what you do, giving back to the community, and days that are filled with belonging and fun. That’s our recipe for happiness, and that’s what we call YourBestLife!

Social Impact

Belonging & Fun

Life Career

Well, our mission at YourBestLife is to empower you to live that best life, using traveling as a tool and the globe as the teacher.
How? By developing individuals, impacting people and places that we come across around the world, and inspiring our community with our stories and actions.
We deeply believe that traveling humanely opens our mind, and ultimately makes us better human beings. To that end, we are growing a movement of like-minded Humanizers who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Of course, different people’s best lives don’t all look the same. At YourBestLife, though, we work to realize our mission of human development through different kind of actions:

Personality Report

It all starts with you, and empowering you to discover and improve yourself via deep, reflective questions with a custom Personality Report


Sharing and spreading powerful ideas and knowledge with experienced, inspiring and dedicated people through our Webinars

Make the difference

Collaborating with inspiring Social Impact Organizations (NGOs, charities and social enterprises) that are making a real impact on their communities, directly with a monetary contribution and spreading their sustainable ideas

Perks & Points

Connecting travelers with our community app and making travel more affordable with YourBestLife’s partners and perks

Training Programs

Developing training programs around the world, giving everybody the opportunity to discover our world

World Adventures

Offering once-in-a-lifetime adventures around the world to a team of special Humanizers

And more to come!

was created by a
real life-changer. Five
years ago, HumanEyes started sharing stories from his adventures. Quickly, he concluded that every journey has one thing in common: a lesson to bring home. From his firsthand experience, HumanEyes absorbed what traveling did to him, the people he met and the people he inspired along the way.

Together with the YourBestLife team, HumanEyes wants to multiply these learnings and share it with other people, hoping to get the same positive impact on themselves, and exponentially multiply this World Change.