We truly believe that traveling humanly opens our mind
and ultimately makes us better Human Beings.

A simple journey can change our life forever. It can teach us tolerance
and remind us to be humble, because we’ve seen a little bit more.

That's right: we want to change the World for the better.
Using traveling as a tool, and the Globe as the teacher.

How? By creating a movement of Humanizers.

By Developing individuals, Impacting people and places that we come across around the world, and Inspiring our community with our stories and actions.

YourBestLife was created by a real life-changer. Five years ago, HumanEyes started sharing stories from his adventures. Quickly, he concluded that every journey has one thing in common: a lesson to bring home.

From his firsthand experience, HumanEyes absorbed what traveling did to him, the people he met and the people he inspired along the way.

Together with the YourBestLife team, HumanEyes wants to multiply these learnings and share it with other people, hoping to get the same positive impact on themselves, and exponentially multiply this World Change.

HumanEyes is an inspirational storytelling project that shares real Human stories from around the Globe to inspire people to travel fully and Humanize their journey and their life.