• Program

  • What is YourBestLife?
    YourBestLife is a training organization dedicated to helping globally aware people develop soft skills and international experience.
    This year’s manifestation of YourBestLife will be an all-expenses-paid six-month life-changing Program. Participants will travel around the world, volunteering and exploring while developing personal skills focused on three main pillars: Belonging & Fun, Social Impact, and Life Career.
  • I don’t get it. What are you selling?
    Our Program isn’t really about buying and selling, but if you want to know if you get something for your application fee, the answer is yes! In exchange for their application fee, applicants gain access to an online community pack that includes the registration to a private area on YourBestLife’s platform. In this community, individuals can participate in the selection process and have the opportunity to be one of the seven people chosen to travel the world for six months with all expenses covered plus $1500 per month for extra expenses.
    Additionally, in this private online area, candidates will receive special training content, exclusive discounts with several of YourBestLife’s partners, and various other rewards.
  • What will the seven selected candidates do?
    Participants in this year’s Program will spend six months traveling as a group to ten countries on four different continents. At each location, they will engage in activities designed to explore the local culture, develop authentic interpersonal relationships with locals, and give back to their host communities through volunteer work.
  • Will I travel alone or with the rest of the selected seven?
    Most of the travel and activities will be done in a group, though there will always be time for participants to explore by themselves or enjoy some alone time.
  • If I’m one of the select seven, can I bring someone with me?
    Unfortunately, our Program can only cover the expenses of the seven selected participants. Also, the Program is designed for a carefully put-together group of seven people so the impact and experience can be maximized. For these reasons, participants are not able to bring anyone with them on this life-changing journey.
  • What countries will the Program visit?
    Countries visited on this trip include Costa Rica, Peru, South Africa, Reunion Island, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Ireland and Portugal.
  • Who can apply for this program?
    Anyone! As long as you’re between 18 and 35 years old, you are welcome to participate as one of our seven Humanizers. There are certain qualities we look for in our applicants—creative, open-minded, eager to learn, responsible—but otherwise, wherever you live and whatever you do, we’d love to have you be part of the Program!
  • What essential documents to I need to take?
    It’s important that you always travel with your current passport, visas, travel insurance, YourBestLife documentation and driver’s license if you have one. For more on visas and travel insurance, see below.
  • How do I find out about the visa requirements for the trip?
    Embassy websites in your home country will always have information about visa requirements, costs, and documentation. We’ll help you coordinate the timing of applying for visas if you are selected to participate in the Program, but the ultimate responsibility of securing visas will be yours. Check with your local embassy as visa rules can change.
  • How do I get the necessary visas for the Program?
    Contact your local embassy or visit a travel agent in your area to organize your visas.
  • Do I need to buy travel insurance?
    YourBestLife will provide a travel insurance for the whole program, including medical insurance.
  • What type of luggage should I bring?
    You’ll have to carry your own luggage, sometimes up stairs and on and off transport. For that reason, we recommend you travel only with a high-quality backpack. That might not sound like enough baggage for a six-month trip, but rest assured, when you’re hauling your gear to a site in the mountains, you’ll be glad you didn’t bring more!
  • What should I pack?
    Whatever you do, pack light—minimal clothing (you can do laundry), good walking shoes, basic toiletries, and a bathing suit are indispensible. The rest you will be able to buy on the go, if you find you’re missing something crucial.
  • Do I need a sleeping bag?
    No, most of the times you’ll be sleeping indoors, in accommodations ranging from five-star to $5, so it not be necessary to bring a sleeping bag. When an outdoor adventure comes up, we’ll locally sort out all the necessary gear.
  • What are the medical and vaccination requirements?
    Medical and vaccination requirements differ from country to country. You will have to visit a travel doctor in your area for advice about current vaccination requirements. Some visa applications will also necessitate up-to-date vaccination records, If you are one of the selected candidates someone from our team will provide you a checklist for you to prepare beforehand.
  • Can I opt out certain activities if I want to?
    Yes. Some of the activities will be mandatory as they are essential parts of the Program, but others will be optional. For example: you’ll have the opportunity to bungee jump from a 200m bridge in South Africa, but if you choose to miss out, that’s up to you.
  • Will I have any free time on the trip?
    One of the purposes of this program is for everyone to have their own opportunities and experiences, so obviously you will have time for yourself! Also, while most activities are meant to be done as a group, there will also be individuals ones.
  • What activities will I participate in during the trip?
    When you’re selected for the Program, you’ll be sent a handbook for each country you’ll visit, which will include the activities in that specific place. For now, you can check the Program page on our website to see some examples of activities.
  • Is accommodation included?
    Yes, all accommodation will be paid for by YourBestLife. Some sites are already booked; others you get to choose once you arrive.
  • Will I have reliable internet access?
    It would be nice if we could guarantee you’ll always have a WiFi signal, but remember that this is a six-month journey around 10 countries, some of them developing nations. So yes, it is possible that you’ll be in some places without internet coverage from time to time.
  • Will I be able to charge my electronic devices?
    Generally speaking, yes, you’ll be able to recharge your devices at the hotels each evening. Remember to bring a travel adapter and/or voltage convertor with you, depending on what you plan to bring.
  • Do the Program include international airfare?
    Yes, every flight is covered by YourBestLife, from departing from your current city to returning you home at the end of the Program.
  • What if I get sick or injured on the trip and am unable to continue?
    We guarantee that you have all the necessary medical coverage to secure your safety, and that, if necessary, we will bring you home midway through the Program.
  • Will I get any certification at the conclusion this trip?
    Yes, if you fulfill the requirements of the Program and achieve the minimum number of points of each of the three pillars (Belonging & Fun, Social Impact, Life Career), you will receive an official YourBestLife Certificate of Participation.
  • Selection Process in collaboration with Randstad Services in Portugal - (an independent Human Resources company)

  • What is the methodology used in the selection process?
    -The selection process will be divided in 4 phases:

    1. Personality test

    The first test is focused on your personality, so there are no right or wrong answers—only you and your answers! Composed of multiple-choice statements, this test will provide a comprehensive and detailed assessment of your personality, and once completed, you will receive a report passing along what we’ve learned about you from your answers.
    But what exactly do we mean by “personality”? Basically, your personality is the unique way you you act, think, feel, and interact with the world. This test doesn’t measure your skills or interests, but your habits and tendencies that influence the way you work and interact with others.
    Profile match:
    Together with Randstad Services in Portugal, we will review all the personality tests, cross-check our criteria with your answers, and choose the candidates who will pass to the second phase based on the seven profiles we are looking for.

    2. Persona technical questionnaire

    Based on the results of the first test and the persona/slot you best fit in with, the next phase will be composed of questions to evaluate specific characteristics we are looking for in each different persona/slot. Remember, there are seven personas we’re looking for: Changemaker; Never-Travelled; Storyteller; Adventurer; Communicator; Storywriter; Traveler.

    3. Motivational open questions

    If you are among the most suitable candidates, you will be asked to answer up to three open-answer questions. You’ll also need to upload your CV and a portfolio of your relevant work.

    4. Video interviews

    After going through the open-answer questions, if you look like one of the unique individuals we’re looking for, we’ll set up a video interview to learn more about you. Background questions, problem-solving challenges, and role-playing scenarios will be part of these interviews. Bring your best casual self to the camera.
    After these interviews, we will select the final seven candidates who will participate in the life-changing Program.
  • Will I receive a notification even if I’m not selected?
    Yes, we will contact all candidates during every phase of the selection process.
  • Social Impact

  • How is YourBestLife related to social responsibility and charities?

    We believe that since we are getting so much out of our world—including the countries we visit and the communities and people we meet—it is our responsibility to leave it a better place!

    Therefore, YourBestLife is set up to make an impact in two ways:

    • - $3 out of every application fee will be donated to the selected charities
    • - The selected seven participants will complete activities during the Program that includes helping those selected charities, collaborating side-by-side with them on the ground.
  • What is WeChangers?

    WeChangers is a global startup mapping and connecting the world’s changers. They provide tools and data to help social organizations and individuals better tell their stories, and collaborate.

    WeChangers has the mission to empower individuals, communities, and organizations, collaborating on solutions to create a better world by providing them with tools, stories, and connections to increase their impact.

  • How is WeChangers involved in this?

    We are partnered with the global startup WeChangers.

    Wechangers is the social start-up that is, with their vast experience in the area, mapping and building the world database of charities. They will be helping us with know-how, tools and experience in the social area  selecting the charities that we will support with this year’s program. The money won’t go to WeChangers but to the charities directly.

    We will be announcing them soon on our website

  • Can I choose the charities to collaborate with in this trip?
    No, the charities which we will collaborate during the program will be selected by YourBestLife together with WeChangers before the start date of the Program.
  • What charities will we collaborate with during the Program?
    As this is a major part of our Program, we are still deciding together with WeChangers which charities are best suited for achieving our mission. Whichever charities are ultimately selected, they will be focused on one of these three important causes:
    • - Environment
    • - Wildlife protection
    • - Sustainable economy
    Stay tuned to the project as we reveal which charities will be part of the Program.
  • Payments

  • Do I have to pay to apply?
    Yes, the application includes a small fee. This fee does not only give you the chance of having your application reviewed to be one of the seven selected participants, but also gets you access to the YourBestLife community, where you will have access to several rewards, discounts, and prizes.
  • Does the Program really cover all costs of a six-month trip?
    Yes! Every cost related to the Program is covered by YourBestLife, as well as a $1500/month extra for miscellaneous expenditures.
  • What do you mean by “all expenses paid + $1500/month for extras”?
    It’s just what it sounds like! Not only is every cost associated with the Program taken care by us (transportation, lodging, etc.), but you will also receive an extra $1500 each month of the Program.
  • Community Rewards

  • What is “the YourBestLife community”?
    By applying to the Program, you will be able to log on to the YourBestLife community. This community will include access to several rewards, discounts, and prizes.
  • What rewards can I get from the community?
    Please check your account information on our website after submitting your application, as the rewards will be updated frequently. We are working hard to bring the best deals for our community, so stay tuned.
  • Are these rewards only for the seven Program participants?
    No, every applicant has access to the community rewards.
  • How can I claim these rewards?
    You will get them by accessing your private area on our website and following the instructions there.
  • Partnerships

  • How is Wechangers involved in YourBestLife?
    WeChangers is a global startup with the mission to empower individuals, communities, and organizations, collaborating on solutions to create a better world by providing them with tools, stories, and connections to increase their impact. They are partnered with YourBestLife to help us select the best charities for us to support.
  • How is Sony involved in YourBestLife?
    We are storytellers by nature and, from our point of view, Sony provides the best tools to transform our local impact around the World into inspiring stories that can be shared and drive people to take action.
    Therefore, this partnership was naturally established and we are super happy to have such a global brand sharing the dream of bringing our world closer together.
  • How is Randstad Services in Portugal involved in YourBestLife?
    Randstad Services in Portugal helped YourBestLife develop a fair applicant selection process that enables us to evaluate every applicant and select the most suitable candidates for the Program.

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