There is a one-time application fee of $26 (+ $3 donated directly to participating charities) to join the YourBestLife community, where you will have your application reviewed and get access to many rewards, discounts, and special content.

General Criteria Questionnaires

After paying your registration fee, you will also get access to your own private area, where you will be able to complete additional questionnaires for your application. These questionnaires were carefully crafted and arranged by independent consultants from the Human Resources company Randstad Services in Portugal, with the goal of analyzing applications to find the profiles we are looking for, so we can form our cohesive group of humanizers.


Personality test

The first test is focused on your personality, so there are no right or wrong answers—only you and your answers! Composed of multiple-choice statements, this test will provide a comprehensive and detailed assessment of your personality, and once completed, you will receive a report passing along what we’ve learned about you from your answers.
But what exactly do we mean by “personality”? Basically, your personality is the unique way you act, think, feel, and interact with the world. This test doesn’t measure your skills or interests, but your habits and tendencies that influence the way you work and interact with others.

Profile match

Together with Randstad Services in Portugal, we will review all the personality tests, cross-check our criteria with your answers, and choose the candidates who will pass to the second phase based on the seven profiles we are looking for.



Selection Process
in collaboration with
Randstad Services in Portugal


Persona technical questionnaire

Based on the results of the first test and the persona/slot you best fit in with, the next phase will be composed of questions to evaluate specific characteristics we are looking for in each different persona/slot. Remember, there are seven personas we’re looking for: Changemaker; Never-Travelled; Storyteller; Adventurer; Communicator; Storywriter; Traveler.


Motivational open questions

If you are among the most suitable candidates, you will be asked to answer up to three open-answer questions. You’ll also need to upload your CV and a portfolio of your relevant work.


Video interviews

After going through the open-answer questions, if you look like one of the unique individuals we’re looking for, we’ll set up a video interview to learn more about you. Background questions, problem-solving challenges, and role-playing scenarios will be part of these interviews. Bring your best casual self to the camera.
After these interviews, we will select the final seven candidates who will participate in the Life-changing Program.

Candidates Announcement



Life-changing Program

If you are selected to be one of our seven humanizers, you will enroll in our life-changing Program for six months around the world. You'll create endless memories, develop soft skills, and make a real lasting impact, both on yourself and the people and places you come across. An experience that you will keep forever.

Learn more about the Program

Possibility to join our team

according to your interest, obviously.

After the Program is finished, we will analyze participants’ performance with an eye toward continuation in our project as our ambassadors, Life Changers, or as part of the YourBestLife team for this World-changing organization.

GO and bring the world with you!

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7 open-minded, adventurous and socially aware
Humans between 18-35 years old.

We want to celebrate and enhance the World’s diversity.
So, we are looking for seven different but complementary profiles to create our life-changing group. Which of these questions best describes you?

If you have any questions please check our Frequently Asked Questions