Together we can have a much bigger impact than one of us. That's why we've partnered with several reputable, forward-thinking organizations and people.
These people help us achieve our mission of bringing the world closer together, reaching all corners of the globe to make our Scholarships possible and benefit our community members.

What they say about us

YourBestLife is a pioneer project focused on personal and humanitarian development stimulated through international experiences (…)
Experience is the best way to identify the work that guides your happiness.

They went with an open heart and open mind to really discover India and Indians. And when I look at the news on television and read the newspapers, I just wish there were more people doing what they are doing - bringing our people together, bringing the world closer

Mrs. K. Nandini Singla

Ambassador of India to Portugal

"Excerpts from the Ambassador's speech at the inauguration of the Human Eyes exposition of paintings, photography and video based on travels to India"
May 5, 2018, Rua da Conceição, 134, Chiado.

This type of experience is highly valued by companies

Nuno Troni, Director Professional
Human Consulting & Outplacement

Randstad Portugal

We need to inspire and empower a new generation of changemakers.
YourBestLife is advancing this movement by creating more awareness and allowing people to travel, experiment, share and be inspired to action.

Maria Ferreira da Silva, Co-Founder at WeChangers.

Changemaker Ambassador

Carolina Pereira | UN Storyteller

“When your world is big, your problems get small. Go make your world big. Travel. Hear stories and tell stories. You are a reflection of the world and the world is a reflection of you. Leave it a little better than you found it. That’s what it means to live Your Best Life, that’s exactly what this transforming experience is all about. It is born from the belief that life is too short to be small and the least we can do is to try the best we can be.”

Traveller Ambassador

João Amorim |
followthesun blog

“Traveling will challenge you to your core! This project will give you the opportunity to truly travel, truly explore, learn and connect with different people and cultures. In the end, you will get to know yourself better, live the time of your life, make a diference, experience unique things, learn a lot and, and most importantly, become a better human being. You will learn how to live Your Best Life.”


Back in 2013, together with The Flying Man and WaveWeb, HumanEyes started sharing stories from his worldwide adventures. The idea of multiplying these learnings and share it with other people was then born and YourBestLife became a reality.