For us, Social Impact is when there is a significant and sustainable positive change in individuals and communities. So if you're into exploring the world and leaving it a better place than you found it, read on!

Who are they?

WeChangers is a global startup mapping and building the world database of Social Impact Organizations worldwide and connecting them with funding, foundations and changemakers.

They provide tools and data to help social impact organizations and individuals to better tell their stories, and collaborate.

How will they help us?

WeChangers helps us select the Social Impact Organizations that will be part of the YourBestLife program. They will provide us with knowhow, tools and expertise in the social impact world at no cost.
We are able to make sure that the selected organizations have the required track record and are truly committed to creating impact in their communities

Learn more about Wechangers here.

Making the difference


$3 of your application fee will be given to organizations with a social impact (NGOs, charities, social enterprises…). We will cover any handling fees so 100% of your contribution helps the selected organizations.

Work for

Over the course of the Life-Changing Program, you will collaborate in the field with the selected Social Impact Organizations. You and the other selected Humanizers will have the chance to get a feeling for what the organizations do, their structure, operations and needs—you’ll become part of their team temporarily and experience their reality.


Before and during the Life-Changing Program, we will be spreading the selected organizations’ stories and impact, so you can follow along and choose your favorite ones. All community members will be part of the jury that decides how the contributions should be distributed amongst the selected organizations.




Until Oct ‘19

Until the end of the application period for the 2019–2020 Life-Changing Program, we will be raising contributions and joining forces with inspiring social impact organizations (NGOs, charities and social enterprises) that are already making a big impact through disruptive and sustainable ideas that our world desperately needs.

Together with WeChangers, we are researching and selecting the most inspiring organizations to join forces with.

Oct ‘19 – Feb ‘20

We will continue to tell and share the stories of the inspiring selected organizations so you get inspired and knowledgeable about their work, situation and impact.

Feb – Jul ‘20

During the first program, the seven participants are going to spend some time feeling what the organizations do, their structure, operations and needs, becoming part of their team temporarily but more importantly experiencing and telling their story to the World.

During the program, our team of Humanizers will be responsible for getting out the story of these organizations, informing the world at large about their needs and operations and inspiring others to support their mission. So even if you are not travelling the world yourself, you can follow up on their impact and inspiring stories and choose your favorite ones.

After Jul ‘20

YourBestLife will distribute all raised money to the selected Social Impact Organizations. We will take care of the handling fees so that 100% of the contributions go directly to the selected organizations.

We want to ensure the most accurate financial distribution and maximize the impact of your contribution. So together with WeChangers and a jury composed of experienced people in the field and yourself, we will decide how the contributions will be distributed amongst the selected Social Impact Organizations.



Plastic-free life

Outdoors & Ocean protection

Wildlife Protection

Preserve the biodiversity and beauty of our Mother Earth

Social Entrepreneurship

Work to attenuate social injustices through education and entrepreneurship

“We need to inspire and empower a new generation of changemakers. YourBestLife is advancing this movement by creating more awareness and allowing people to travel, experiment, share and be inspired to action."

Maria Ferreira da Silva, Co-Founder at WeChangers.


Waves for Change

South Africa

NGO that provides a child-friendly mental health service to vulnerable and differently abled young people living in unstable communities. Through connections to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a 12-month weekly Surf Therapy curriculum, W4C gives children skills to cope with stress, regulate behavior, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices.

They‘re out there making our mutual vision of a better world a reality YourBestLife Community is working with Waves for Change to boost their impact.

Discover more about W4C



Cooperative enterprise providing both fuel & gasifying stove combined cooking/heating energy solution for institutions/households to save lives, reducing carbon emissions from the smoke, creating jobs in local areas and helping rural households in Bhutan.
Together we will continue the mission of eliminating air pollution from cooking and heating fuel usage in Bhutan.

Discover more about Dazin

Pratham InfoTech Foundation


NGO whose mission is to improve the quality of education in India and address gaps in the education system by providing education to children in the slums of Mumbai, and innovate teaching tactics with the usage of technology in learning mechanisms.
Together we will tell their story, donate money raised from our community, and contribute to their mission in the field impacting the Indian kids’ lives.

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GO and bring the world with you!