For us, Social Impact is when there is a significant and sustainable positive change in individuals and communities. So if you're into exploring the world and leaving it a better place than you found it, read on!

Who are they?

WeChangers is an online platform mapping and building the world database of charities and connecting the world’s changers.

They provide tools and data to help social organizations and individuals to better tell their stories, and collaborate.

How will they help us?

WeChangers helps us select the social enterprises and charities that will be part of the YourBestLife program.
We are able to make sure that the selected organizations have the required track record and are truly committed to creating impact in their communities. 

Learn more about Wechangers here.

Here is how you can contribute
to making a real difference


$2.50 from your application fee will be donated to the Charities from our list so they can continue to focus on what really matters. We will cover the operation costs so 100% of your donation will make a direct impact. At the end, you will be informed about the respective total donations.

Work for

The second part of your contribution will happen during the six-month Program. You'll collaborate with some of our participating Social enterprise and charities, so you can learn, experience and change the world alongside them.




Until Dec ‘19

Until the end of the application period, we will be collecting donations and contacting inspiring charities to partner with for our 2019/20 program.

Charities are researched and selected in coordination with WeChangers, an organization that right now is mapping and building the world database of charities. They will be helping us with knowhow, tools and expertise in the nonprofit world at no cost, so the money will go directly to the selected charities and we will cover the handling fees and operating costs.

Feb to Jul ‘20

Over the course of the Life-Changing Program, YourBestLife’s team and the seven selected candidates will volunteer and work in the field side by side with the selected charities, so even if you aren’t traveling around the world yourself you can follow up on their impact and inspiring stories.

After Jul ‘20

After this year’s Humanizing trip, YourBestLife will proceed with the distribution of the donated money among the selected organizations.

We will send you, via email, all information related to the financial distribution and how the funds are expected to be used by each charity.

Make the world a better place, all while participating in a community of human travelers and socially-minded individuals. What’s not to like?



Plastic-free life

Outdoors & Ocean protection

Wildlife Protection

Preserve the biodiversity and beauty of our Mother Earth

Social Entrepreneurship

Work to attenuate social injustices through education and entrepreneurship

“We need to inspire and empower a new generation of changemakers. YourBestLife is advancing this movement by creating more awareness and allowing people to travel, experiment, share and be inspired to action."

Maria Ferreira da Silva, Co-Founder at WeChangers.

GO and bring the world with you!