Company Goals

  • YouWorld, Lda a company organized under the Laws of Portugal with its head office at Rua de Pedrouços 79 1400-286 Lisbon under the brand YourBestLife (hereinafter referred as YourBestLife).
  • YourBestLife wants to change the world for better by developing individuals, impacting people and places that we come across around the world, and inspiring our community with our stories and actions.
  • Program an around-the-world development courses with activities and experiences based on three pillars: Belonging & Fun; Social Impact; and Life Career.
  • YourBestLife will support sustainable Non-Governmental Organizations, social enterprises and charities by donating $3 from each application fee and also by collaborating together with them during the Programs.
  • In a world increasingly commanded by algorithms and artificial intelligence, human connections are losing authenticity ur goal is to enhance and protect human authenticity, inspiring people to travel fully and to Humanize their journey and their life.

General Conditions

  • YourBestLife holds all rights related to the Programs, namely the intellectual property rights related to the Program and its content.
  • YourBestLife is responsible solely for the content and information distributed by its official channels, and takes no responsibility for user-submitted content.
  • YourBestLife has the right to adapt and modify the Program or any event.
  • Candidates have no right to indemnification, in case some event does not take place by any external reasons or for reasons other than force majeure or if the event results in any kind of delay and/or changes to any of the Programs.
  • YourBestLife is not able to offer refunds for application fees or any other costs related to the Program as the application fee is earmarked for the YourBestLife Community Pack, which includes access to the members’ area, profile review, and many exclusive rewards.
  • YourBestLife has the right to update this document and add more information if necessary.

Eligibility to enter the Community

  • Anyone can register to YourBestLife Community and get the exclusive rewards included, but to be eligible to some specific program, candidates must meet the mandatory requirements of each Program.

Life-Changing Program


  • Applications: January 15th, 2019 until October 31st, 2019
  • Selection Process: beginning of November 2019 until the end of December 2019
  • Life-Changing Program: February 2020 until July 2020
  • The final seven selected candidates will be announced in December of 2019.


  • Anyone can register to our community and get the exclusive rewards included, but to be eligible to the program candidates must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Intermediate level of English (written and spoken) is mandatory.
  • YourBestLife’s workers and their families are not eligible to apply.
  • YourBestLife is not responsible for any application from someone who doesn’t meet the requirements. All requirements are clearly explained on YourBestLife’s website and in these Terms & Conditions.
  • If someone who doesn’t meet the requirements still applies, he/she is not entitled to ask for a refund for their application fee.


  • For the life-changing Program selection, we will only consider candidates that meet the requirements and are able to participate during the announced dates of the Program.
  • The selected candidates must be willing to travel as a group with the rest of the selected people plus someone from YourBestLife’s team when necessary.
  • In exchange for their $1500 monthly stipend during the Program, the selected candidates must agree to grant all rights to their image and likeness to YourBestLife for the duration of the Program.
  • Applicants may fill out and submit an application for another person, provided they can guarantee that this other person fulfills all applicable requirements of application. Every submitted application is personal and non-transferable.

Application Process

  • In order to be considered a candidate for the Life-Changing Program, every applicant needs to:
    • Access our website (
    • Submit all the personal details that are necessary to apply for the Program.
    • Accept the YourBestLife’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
    • Make the payment of the application fee.
    • Fill out all the forms and tests that are part of the Selection Process.
  • Following the above steps will allow the candidate to access the YourBestLife Community, where he/she will get access to private content including training in the form of videos, webinars, PDFs, and other documents, rewards, and prizes, and will also be eligible to participate in the Selection Process.
  • YourBestLife has the right to change the application fee during specific times for promotional purposes.
  • All the information provided will be stored and analyzed for the purpose of the selection process according to our Privacy Policy.
  • Only those who meet all these requirements are considered to be part of Program, but those not eligible may still apply to be part of our community, with all the privileges, discounts and rewards.
  • YourBestLife is partnering with several companies to be able to offer exclusive rewards to every candidate. YourBestLife is not responsible for any product/service, image, content, or any other matter produced or disseminated by its partners.
  • From the application fee, YourBestLife will guarantee a minimum donation of $3 to one or more of the charities selected by YourBestLife. YourBestLife holds the right to decide to which charities should the money go. In order to guarantee that, in fact, 100% of the donation of every application is donated, YourBestLife will cover the handling costs of donating the money.

Selection Process

  • The selection process was designed and developed in collaboration with Randstad Services in Portugal, an independent Human Resources company.
  • All tests will have a maximum period to be completed. In each phase, you will be informed by e-mail of the time available to complete the test. Once completed, the test cannot be repeated.
  • 1st Phase: As soon as you apply, you will be asked to fill out the first personality test. This test should be completed in one sitting, without breaks, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the test. After examining responses from the first phase, we will inform every candidate via email if he/she has passed to the second phase. With this test, we will:
    • Look for individuals with qualities considered to be essential to maintain the group cohesion. These qualities include, but are not limited to: open-mindedness; group-orientedness; social awareness; friendliness and assertiveness.
    • Next, YourBestLife will try to link the qualities of each individual with the profile that we have created for each candidate. For example, for the profile “Adventurer” we will look for qualities such as “low anxiety,” “high activity,” and “excitement seeking”, whereas for the profile “Changemaker” we will look for qualities such as “high warmth”, “high altruism”, and “high sensitivity”.
  • 2nd Phase: • Based on the results of the first test, and the Slot/Persona each candidate selected, applicants will be allocated to one of the seven profiles we are looking for. There will be specific tests for each profile on this phase, referred to as Persona Questionnaires.
  • 3rd Phase: Based on the results from the Persona Questionnaires, the most suitable candidates will be asked to answer and to upload their CV and Portfolio.
  • 4th Phase: Based on the results from the more detailed Persona Questionnaires, we will set up video interviews with the most suitable candidates to learn more about who they are.
  • After these interviews, we will select the seven candidates who will participate in the Life-Changing Program and possibly cooperate with YourBestLife in other ways in the future after the Program.
  • Throughout the selection process, all information provided by the applicant must be true. If any dishonesty is discovered on the part of the applicant, the applicant may be excluded from the selection process and from the Program with no right to compensation.
  • The final seven selected candidates will be announced in December.

Finance Conditions

  • For the seven selected candidates, all expenses related to the Program (flights, internal transportation, accommodation, insurance, meals, and activities that are part of the Program) will be covered by YourBestLife.
  • Any other private/extra expenses that are not related to the Program will not be covered by YourBestLife.
  • YourBestLife will pay, during the Program, $1500 per month to each candidate in exchange for their image rights.
  • If any candidate leaves the Program at any point, voluntarily or not, YourBestLife has no obligation to continue to pay the $1500/month.

Countries Visited

  • This itinerary of the Life-Changing Program will cross ten different countries: Portugal, Ireland, Costa Rica, Peru, South Africa, Reunion Island, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Indonesia.
  • YourBestLife reserves the right to change any of the countries that the selected candidates will visit.
  • YourBestLife has no legal or financial responsibility for issues arising from a candidate not being allowed to enter one or more of the visited countries.

Visas, Passports, and ID Cards

  • The selected candidates are responsible for meeting all the necessary requirements to obtain the visa for each of the countries mentioned above and for the payment of the associated costs.
  • The candidates are responsible for always having their passport and valid identification with them during the Program.


  • All the selected candidates are responsible for attending a traveller’s medical appointment before the Program in order to guarantee that all vaccinations and prevention procedures are complete.


  • YourBestLife will provide travel insurance with medical assistance to all selected candidates.

YourBestLife Certification

  • YourBestLife’s team will provide a list of activities for each country. These activities will be related with the three pillars mentioned before.
  • From this list, some activities will be mandatory and others optional.
  • There will be a point system that enables YourBestLife to evaluate every candidate’s performance regarding those activities.
  • Each selected candidate must participate in all the Program’s mandatory activities in order to continue in the Program until the end. For example: If a candidate doesn’t show up to a mandatory activity such as assisting a specific charity, YourBestLife has the right to terminate his/her relation with the Program.
  • In order to officially receive YourBestLife’s Certification, a certain minimum of points will have to be earned by the candidate over the course of the program.
  • The point system and the list of activities will be delivered and explained in detail before the beginning of the Program.

YourBestLife's Responsibility

  • YourBestLife has no legal responsibility for any behavior, crime, action, or omission by the selected candidates.
  • YourBestLife has the right to terminate the candidate’s relation with the Program if he/she is involved in any kind of crime or bad behavior, such as not respecting local laws or culturally acceptable standards of behavior.

Applicable Law

Applicable Law and Place of Court

  • These Terms and Conditions are subject to the regulation of Portuguese law with exclusion of its choice of law provisions.
  • Any dispute with these Terms and Conditions shall be decided by the Civil Court of the District of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other.

Issues of Interpretation

  • In order to clarify any issues of interpretation or any omission in these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at the following email: YourBestLife

Data Protection

  • By submitting to the Program, applicants consent to YourBestLife collecting, using, disclosing and storing the personal information an applicant provides in accordance with its general Privacy Policy.